Bearing in mind your objectives, and whether you are a private client or a restorer “in the trade”, we first give the article to be plated a visual inspection.

The “practical” steps we take to electroplate in chromium always involve the following sequence of processes:

Linishing (or banding)
Copper plating
Several repeated courses of nickel plating and polishing (as required)
Chrome plating
Finishing by hand

We advise you of the various possible electroplating solutions available for your particular circumstances and provide an estimate of costs.

We also advise you of our findings, in terms of the condition of the metal’s surface, when we chemically strip the item.

Any corrosion or heavy pitting revealed by the stripping process may be conveyed to you, if required, via an e-mail with several attached photographs and an explanation of the extent of any remedial work involved.

We can be contacted at any time via e-mail or telephone to provide feedback on the progress of your restoration and we always inform our clients in advance of any circumstances that may adversely affect your total costs or desired quality of finish.

We use several machines and hand finishing techniques to prepare the job for plating, depending on the base metal of the article, its general condition, and the required finish.

These include the use of various belt linishing machines that are “banded” with progressively finer grades of abrasives to remove the heaviest corrosion – heavy bands grind away the largest of any pit holes and scratches whilst lighter bands render the surface of the metal a little smoother.

Using graduated polishing mops and compounds we carefully remove any scratches left by the linishing process until the metal surface is smooth, scratch-free and lustrous.

A quality control inspection ensures that the best possible finish has been achieved in preparation for electroplating and, if passed, the item is placed in an electro-cleaner to remove any polishing compound residue.

Chrome Hot Rod Chrome Motorbike

The item is now ready for electroplating first in copper, then in nickel and, finally, bright chrome.

Copper plating provides the self-levelling primer that fills the finest pit holes that remain from the linishing and mopping processes and acts as the “undercoat” for nickel plating.

We polish the copper plate, making it even smoother and ready for subsequent electroplating.

The maintenance of “clean” plating tanks, constant vigilance and quality control inspections are all keys to the success of the electroplating process.

We repeatedly nickel plate and polish as required, either by judgement and experience or as specifically requested by our clients.

Each nickel plating and polishing process is followed by a quality control inspection to identify any flaws that require attention that is more detailed.

Repeated courses of nickel plating and polishing provide not only resistance to corrosion and the required smoothness, but also the lustre and reflectivity that are typical of a high quality chrome finish.

When we are completely satisfied with the results, your item is bright chrome plated, dried and inspected once more.

The restored article is finally hand finished, ready for dispatch.

We also offer a Re-silvering Service for your classic car headlight reflectors and mirrors.

If you have any high-resolution images of an article to be plated, simply click on our Contact details and attach your photos to make your enquiry via e-mail – we may be able to advise you or provide a provisional quotation even before you arrange shipment of the item(s) to us.

Alternatively, please call the Retro Plating team on Tel:+44 (0)121 212 0155 to discuss your requirements.