Retro Plating is a small group of seasoned polishers and electroplaters experienced in the art of fine jewellery finishing.

Inevitably, we know a thing or two about bright work and precious metal finishing…

Having more than 90 years of combined industry experience between us in the Hockley Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, which serves as home to our specialist electroplating facilities in England, we ply our skills as equally well to chromium plating as we ever did to rhodium, gold or silver!

Our interest in classic automobiles runs so much deeper than any desire to plate jewellery that we were compelled to set up Retro Plating, a firm dedicated solely to the classics and nothing else.

We hope to bridge the gap between your expectations and your final restoration bill, for all your polishing and electroplating requirements.

Our work is always time-consuming and labour-intensive but only ever potentially expensive if you require a concourse finish for exhibitions and competitions.

However, we endeavour to satisfy those potential clients who complain that they find it difficult to source good quality workmanship at a price you are willing to pay.

Simply send us your restoration piece and “Retro” will advise you of the likely finish achievable even before being copper, nickel, silver or chrome plated.

Choose Retro Plating and you’ll never have to choose again…

Tel: +44 (0)121 212 0155

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