Welcome to Retro Plating, the firm that “plates” to balance your costs and expectations.

We are specialist polishers and decorative electroplaters of classic cars, motorbikes and hotrods, serving private and trade clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Why choose Retro Plating?

• Our clients need not break the bank to complete their bright work restorations to a satisfactory standard – we advise on the most cost-effective plating solutions available.

• For private and trade clients that restore professionally, we use the labour-intensive polishing and electroplating techniques often called “triple chrome”, “quad chrome” or “show chrome”.

• We can customise our Services to meet your specific requirements and budget, from the cheap and cheerful to the expensive and exquisite!

• We quality control every aspect of our work to prevent contamination of both our plating tanks and the essence of our commitment to client satisfaction.

Choose Retro Plating for all your classic auto-related items:

• Hubcaps
• Wheel spinners
• Bumpers
• Over riders
• Door handles
• Body trims
• Radiator grilles and shells
• Stone guards
• Badges
• Mascots, emblems and insignia
• Headlight rims and reflectors
• Wing, door and rear view mirror housings
• Exhaust systems and pipe work etc

Choose Retro Plating for any classic car…

• Alfa Romeo
• Aston Martin DB4/5/6
• Austin Healey 3000
• Bentley
• Bugatti
• Cadillac
• Daimler
• Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
• Ford
• Jaguar Mk II, E-Type and XJ-S
• Jensen Interceptor
• Lamborghini
• Lotus Elise Mk I
• Maserati
• Mazda MX-5 Mk I
• MGB Roadster
• Mini Cooper
• Morgan
• Morris Minor Series II and 1000
• Mercedes Benz SL (R107)
• Porsche 911, 944
• Rolls Royce
• Triumph TR4/5/6 etc

Choose Retro Plating for all your classic bike-related items:

• Mud guards
• Forks
• Silencers
• Suspensions etc

Choose Retro Plating for any classic motorbike…

• AJS 500
• BSA Bantam
• BSA B31
• BSA 650 Super Rocket
• BSA Thunder Bolt A65
• BMW R51/3
• Douglas Mk 5
• Honda JC58
• Norton 600 Café Racer
• Panther Model 50 Sports
• Royal Enfield Crusader Sport
• Triumph TR5 Trophy etc

Retro Plating For Classic Cars

Choose Retro Plating for any classic hotrod…

Choose Retro Plating for any classic headlight reflector or mirror re-silvering

Our “Services” make it easier… to choose Retro Plating.

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